Month: March 2017

What Every Rugby Player Needs to Know about Chiropractic Care

The 2017 Six Nations is in just over, Ireland did not as well as expect but we live in hope for next year. Every year the intensity of the rugby in the championships goes up a notch and collisions from Dublin to Rome could be heard ringing around the continent.

Picture Perfect Posture In Heels

At the posture doctor, we love our heels, we know sometimes the finishing touch to that special outfit is often a pair of gorgeous heels. However, those sleek sexy heels will often cause problems, which often leave me wondering … is the pain worth the extra style?

As A Farmer is Your Back Lambing Ready!

Lambing season adds extra pressure on farmer’s bodies, Cookstown, Northern Ireland leading Posture Doctor, Andrea explain how her posture plans have helped reduced pain and how she gets the local farmers lambing ready!