March 23rd, 2017

What Every Rugby Player Needs to Know about Chiropractic Care

The 2017 Six Nations is in just over, Ireland did not as well as expect but we live in hope for next year. Every year the intensity of the rugby in the championships goes up a notch and collisions from Dublin to Rome could be heard ringing around the continent.

Ok, perhaps not quite this loudly but what’s apparent to us is each year rugby becomes tougher and the hits are bigger. This is just true on the international stage and in domestic competitions but right across the board through age-group and club rugby. The impact this has on the body is huge.

When it comes to chiropractic care and rugby, our client’s experience better performance and less injury as the have;

Regular checks

Due to the incredibly violent forces and impacts rugby player’s spines are routinely exposed to (not dissimilar to a car accident) it is crucial that all players are regularly checked for spinal dysfunction, especially kids with growing and developing spines.

Less Stress on their Spine

Neck and cervical spine stress is prevalent in rugby player whether it’s from tackling, scrummaging or contesting the breakdown. Spinal dysfunction and corresponding nerve irritation (subluxation) reduces muscular function (key for strength, flexibility, endurance), balance, coordination, spatial awareness, decision making and agility… all of which are important for a player to perform at their best and to avoid injury.

Reduce the risk of injury

A proper functioning spine, which can be achieved through regular chiropractic treatment, also allows the central nervous system to aid in efficient injury recovery. Not only this but treatment and specific exercises can also help improve flexibility and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Become a better player

As well as recovering from or reducing the risk of injury, Chiropractic Care also helps rugby players significantly improve performance.


Chiropractic Care can work wonders for rugby players, have huge impact on peak performance, not to mention longevity in the sport.

If you want to be a better player, perform better, move better and reduce your risk of getting injured then come and speak to us or book an appointment in our Cookstown practice on 028 867 61861