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Do you want to reduce workplace absence and sickness? Need to ensure critical team members don’t have time off work. Want to increase productivity from your Management Team? The Posture Doctor’s Perfect Corporate Posture Packages for Business offer a range of bespoke Corporate Chiropractic packages to business and employers across Northern Ireland and to suit all budgets.

Businesses need to ensure that their workforce remains as efficient as possible and a reduction in absence can increase profitability and prevent extra stress on the remaining workforce. The Posture Doctor’s Perfect Corporate Posture Packages for Business are tailored to each business and working with employers will ensure that the right package is developed. The packages are specifically designed to prevent, assess and rehabilitate injuries within the workplace along with promoting, engaging and encouraging the health, fitness and wellbeing of all employees.

Many employers offer a Perfect Corporate Posture Packages for Business to their Management Teams and Critical Team Members, investing in the health and wellbeing of the core team within the business. Keeping this Core Team fit and healthy can be essential to the performance of the whole company and the packages can be seen as an insurance policy for business productivity.

Posture Doctor’s Perfect Posture Corporate Packages are ideally placed to:

  • Help keep your employees healthy
  • Design bespoke multidisciplinary Care Packages
  • Enhance productivity
  • Speed up return to work
  • Reduce sick days

Our Perfect Posture Corporate Packages, all of which are tailored to fit the exact requirements of your business:

  • CorporateFit – From Chiropractic and massage to acupuncture and workplace screening, this helps identify problems and fix them.
  • CorproateHealth – Assess your team’s physical condition from musculoskeletal and muscle imbalance.

For more information and to arrange a meeting with Andrea McCormack, please get in touch.

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How does it work?

Step 1

A warm welcome awaits

Over the phone, we will quickly discover your initial treatment options, confirm a convenient time and look forward to seeing you in our warm and relaxing practice.

Step 2

The Introductions

When you first arrive at the Posture Doctor, we sit you down and guide you through your health questionnaire and consent forms.

Step 3

Informal Chat

We will chat with you at length about your problem. We will listen to all you have to tell us about your condition, past medical history and any worries or concerns you have so we can build up a clear picture of what has been going on for you and how you got to this point.

Step 4

Posture Check

We then move on to examine you physically, testing your range of movement, function and muscle strength, amongst other things. Only when we have a clear idea of what is happening will we make our diagnosis and create a clear treatment plan.

Step 5

Your Posture Plan

We will tell you our findings using diagrams and skeletal models to explain things clearly to you, making sure you understand exactly what is happening to your body and what we intend to do about it. We will also tell you about the various risk factors in your lifestyle that have led to your body developing this condition.

Step 6

Your Posture Treatment

There are hundreds of different techniques our expert Chiropractors can use. Treatment is, therefore, adapted individually to you depending on your age, condition and lifestyle factors. We aim to get you back to your perfect posture so you can continue to do all the things you love.

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