March 23rd, 2017

As A Farmer is Your Back Lambing Ready!

Lambing season adds extra pressure on farmer’s bodies.

The leading Posture Doctor in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, Andrea explain how her posture plans have helped reduced pain and how she gets the local farmers lambing ready!

Coming from a farming background I know that farmers often sacrifice their own health to ensure their animals are well fed and looked after. Due to the physical nature of farming, when the lambing season begins extra pressure is placed on the farmer’s body and back as result.

Right now across Northern Ireland, especially across Tyrone and Derry are just starting and will experience some of the following fun (maybe not);


1. Looking life a zombie, the general lack of sleep. After only a few hours’ shut-eye, getting up at the crack of dawn (actually well before it!) to face the happenings of the lambing shed. 

2. Heavy lifting and being tripped up by lambs that insist on doing figures-of-eight around the ankles.

3. Catching forty winks in your work clothes – because you are too tired to take them off – on a bale of straw rather than a bed. The lambing shed never sleeps.

4. Finding a pen full of confused ewes and newborn lambs all mixed up. Lots of eager mothers not quite sure which babies are theirs.

5. Poor wife’s constant cleaning, re-heading cold food, disturbed sleep and having to listen to the husband moan.

6. The permanent iodine stains. The orange tinge on hands, arms, and boots. 

7. The feeling of a head, but no legs. Or a head and one leg. Or back legs.

8. The annoying moment when a ewe decides to stand in, tip over, or muck in her freshly filled water bucket.


At the Posture Doctor, it’s a busy time treating Tyrone & Derry farmers suffering from chronic back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica and leg pain, battered knees and ankles. And of course Elbow pain from too much leaning.

We’d love to hear how we can get you posture perfect for the lambing season. To book a Chiropractor, Physiotherapy or massage appointment today on 028 867 61861