March 23rd, 2017

Chiropractor Treatment for Pregnancy – Are you in blooming pain?

At the Posture Doctor, we adore treating our clients through their pregnancy and helping them deal with the pressure, pain and changes pregnancy puts on your body.

At our practice in Cookstown a great deal of pregnant client suffers from intense pressure and pain in their hips and pelvic area. This is known as Pelvic instability (PI), a condition that causes pain around the joints of the pelvis (pelvic girdle) during and after pregnancy. In normal pregnancy a hormone called relaxin softens the ligaments around the joints of the pelvis. This is a natural process which prepares the pelvis for childbirth and usually causes discomfort. For some women this natural process seems to go wrong, causing pain. This can result in the pelvis becoming unstable. The degree of instability will vary for individual patients.

Posture During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can also put strain on the muscles of the back, stomach, pelvic floor, hips and pelvic girdle which may also lead to the pelvic joints becoming less stable. Pelvic instability can also occur due to a previous fall or injury to the pelvis and in rare cases by complications in labour or the post-natal period.

Make an appointment with us if you are experiencing any of the following;

  • Pain in the front or back of the pelvis, groin, buttocks, thighs, hips or lower back.
  • Difficulty walking or a waddling gait.
  • Pain felt when turning, twisting or bending: this will be felt or noted in many day today activities.
  • Women may feel and/or hear a clicking, clunking or grinding sensation in their pelvis.
  • Some women find it difficult to part their legs without severe pain.
  • Pain and difficulty squatting.

If the above symptoms describe what you are feeling, it is important for you to call us and we will design a posture plan with our expert chiropractor. Most women who receive regular chiropractic care during and after pregnancy report a significant improvement in their symptoms and mobility. This allows them to get on with their everyday activities and enjoy this very special time.

Let us help you get out of blooming pain, call Posture Doctor to get Chiropractic treatment for your Pregnancy Pain on 028 867 61861