July 25th, 2017

Musicians and Posture Doctor Achieve Perfect Harmony

Posture Doctor In Harmony: Chiropractic for Musicians

Is Your Instrument Causing You Neck, Wrist or Back Pain?

Do you Play an instrument? Then this blog is for you! As a musician, you put a lot of stress and strain on your body, more than the average person. Just like professional sports athletes, you often practice for numerous hours per day to perfect your skills. There are specific mechanics and symptoms that go along with playing a musical instrument that usually get overlooked or pushed aside—posture, numbness in your fingers, pins and needles in your arms, or pain in your neck and upper back to name a few.

Every time you practice your instrument, you can overwork and underwork muscles. Simply put, the muscles that you are used to play the instrument get stronger, tighter, shorter, and form scar tissue; the opposing muscles get weaker and are underdeveloped. This forms an imbalance in the body and puts stress on the joints, including the spine, elbows, wrists, and fingers.

Just like the office worker that types for 8 hours a day, as musician you are at risk for repetitive strain injuries due to the sheer volume of finger and wrist movements they are performing during shows and practice. Your injuries are not limited to the hands and forearms, the whole body can be affected depending on what the you are doing and what position you are playing in.

Chiropractors are the only health care providers trained in detecting, analysing, and correcting subluxations. Various techniques are used. However, the goal is the same: remove nervous system interference and allow the body to function and heal to its full potential. The goal of correcting subluxations of the joints of the upper extremities are the same: restore original and proper alignment of the joint to allow it to have normal and proper function allowing you to play in harmony.

musician playing piano

Some of the most common music related injuries include:

  • Tendonosis/tendoniitis– probably the most common, with the primary area being the forearm/elbow/wrist area, but also common in the shoulders.
  • Joint sprain/strains– fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, from holding instruments in prolonged positions or from lifting and moving equipment
  • Nerve pain– nerve entrapments are also common in musicians, primarily occurring in the neck or arms.
  • Neck/Back pain– different injuries to the neck and back can occur due to prolonged tension on the shoulders and being in awkward positions for prolonged times. Lower back injuries can occur as well, from moving equipment to sitting or standing for long periods.

Looking at your body’s harmony

  • Focus on technique– learn the best technique for you for your instrument to help keep your body in a more neutral posture.
  • Self myofascial release– using foam rollers or massagers you can help keep your muscles loose, promote faster recovery and prevent injuries.
  • Warming up before performances– this is a great way to prepare your body for the upcoming stress and reduce injury risk, and a simple task a lot of people forget about. Take some time to do some active stretching and go through the movements you would normally have to do during a show.
  • Maintenance is key– regular check ups when you don’t have pain are important to keep the muscles and joints loose, and to get screened for injury risk!

If you have pain, don’t let that stop you from playing. Everyone should be able to do their hobby of choice pain free! Contact us today and see if we can help with your music related injury.

How Chiropractic Can Help Get You Tune with your Body?

Chiropractic care is simple; yet it is profound in its ability to help the body regain and maintain its health. If you play an instrument and want to avoid repetitive strain injury and poor posture related pains for good, find a musician-friendly chiropractor now! They may see enhanced performance, quicker reaction time, decreased pain in fingers, neck, and upper back, decreased tingling and numbness in arms and fingers, increased energy, less muscle fatigue while playing, and more relaxed muscles.

Dr. Andrea McCormack is the owner of Posture-Doctor.com. She has worked with numerous musicians. Her main focus is getting people well and helping their health and well-being excel. If you would like to schedule an appointment contact her 028 867 61861

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