September 19th, 2017

Posture Doctor helps to Irish Team over the finish line at World Championships In Belgium

Irish Success at the World Championship in Belguim with help from the Posture Doctor

With a few words from Mark McBearty on their success in Belguim, Team Ireland

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.. and in this case it certainly does.. Andrea recently travelled to Belgium with us as part off Team Ireland, and in doing so she managed to get us over every hurdle that got in our way.

She’s definitely the best there is at her job and one that I highly recommend.. we went through months off hard training to be able get through such a physically and mentally draining 2 days off events, but without Andrea there, we wouldn’t of got over that finish line.. so from the bottom off my heart, I highly recommend this girl, and will be forever grateful for the work you did and support u showed me throughout every event .. THANK YOU Andrea Mc Cormack